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A new paradigm for eliminating risk has arrived!


Removing unauthorized access to business applications on the internet is reducing risk!


One SDP can prevent DDoS attacks, vulnerable code exploits, credential theft, man-in-the-middle, OWASP Top 10 threats, and more.


While compliance requirements say What? –  SDPs tell you the How? – Meet the majority of most compliance requirements with SDP.

Before the Revolution

Status Quo
Broken Walls Slow Response

Today, machine to machine connections require them to be patched, configured correctly and locked down – a task proving to be too hard.

Connecting to services prior to authentication  exposes these services to bad actors – forcing expensive threat detection capabilities.

While incident response activities help to detect threats and attacks, we all know takes anywhere from 3-6 months – attackers have done their job and gone by then.

Digital Threat Landscape
Too many attacks – too little protection

Many types of attacks exist from all around the world and from within the organization. It is extremely time consuming and resource intensive to monitor and manage responses to all these attacks.

Point security products need to be integrated into a cohesive whole and work together well – a task proving too hard to architect and execute.

Network security protections are proving not to be enough –  They don’t work well for mobile devices & IoT.


The SDP Revolution

A New Paradigm
Deny-all Gate, Short Response Time

SDP totally reduces your attack surface by denying all requests external to your organization and across user groups. It lets you focus on the insider threat.

SDPs help to integrate point products into a security architecture that provides secure connection control and response at machine speeds.

Invisible Protection
Secure Every Connection, Manage All Keys

Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs) hide your data and critical infrastructure within your own Black Cloud.

While incident response is a reactive exercise, SDPs enable proactive cyber security protections regardless of the underlying IP infrastructure.

1. Hide critical assets/business infrastructure (deny-all gate)

2. Secure every connection (SPA, internet-scale packet filter)

3. Manage user/device pair and comms keys

 4. Orchestrate control, response in seconds

How the SDP Center Can Help


The SDP center helps you understand the challenges of proactive cyber security and  become part of a community to help you secure your business while staying compliant.

Do it yourself

Create your SDP anywhere – on premise around your whole organization or around specific critical applications, in a public or private cloud, a DMX server in a data center or in an applications server.

Let us do it for you

Employ experts to help you build your own SDP based upon open source components. Leverage a readily available community and resources while you make the transition.


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