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The open source Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) is ideal for organizations who want to protect their critical assets/infrastructure using member-based and need-to-know access. Businesses that rely on cloud delivery are able to use these open source software releases to develop cloud services that are resistant to DDoS attacks and more.

It serves as the basis for a free and open Black Cloud platform. Create your Black Cloud on-premise or in a public or private cloud, DMZ, a server in a data center, or inside an application server.

1- Check out demos, documentations, and tutorials
2- Download and install Open Source SDP
3- See it working for you

Download and Install

In its simplest form, SDP components include:

1- A controller

2- A gateway

3- A client

These three components are used to secure connections between an initiating host and an accepting host.



SDP for DDoS Video Demo

SDP for Zero Trust

Additional Resources

See Open Source SDP Work for You

Hackers can’t attack what they can’t see

  • Make your critical infrastructure & applications invisible
  • Move or wrap them within your own SDP
  • No visible DNS information nor IP addresses
  • SDP connectivity based on need-to-know access model
  • Control plane is separate from the data plane
  • Device posture & identity verified before access granted
  • SDP cryptographically signs clients into the perimeter
  • Withstood 10-billion attempts at 4 annual “hack-a-thons”
  • Follows NIST cybersecurity guidelines

If you have trouble or would like to know more about Open Source SDP, please contact us.

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